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TRICUS got its name from David’s former band Tribal Path (TRI) and George’s former band Dinonicus (CUS) using font of the Raptor Guitars logo. A Trident spear or fork is our emblem in honor of the Navy Seals, the history of Poseidon and, of course, the Arizona State Sun Devils.

We are a hard rock band that writes, composes, and performs our own original music. We have blended the sounds of David Olivarez’ powerful vocals and the guitar playing of George Contreras to the ass-kicking beat of Norman Lund on drums. Newly added Bassist Sean Valverde completes the band.

For booking, call George Contreras at (602) 510-6461, or David Olivarez at (480) 459-1115.

Website: www.tricusmusic.com

TRICUS on Facebook TRICUS on Twitter TRICUS @ Reverbnation

Soul Persuasion

Soul Persuasion

SOUL PERSUASION was formed in April 2006, with Jim Contreras, Art Sesma, Louie Santellan, and Joe Padilla as the original members still with the group. Joined by Mark Gonzalez, Robert Gonzalez, and Michelle Baca, we have recorded two CDs of cover songs, and are planning on a third in the near future.

We play R&B, Old School, Funk, Latin, & Classic Rock.

For booking, call Jim Contreras at (602) 228-9271.


2 in the Chest

2 In The Chest

2 IN THE CHEST is a power trio made up of a bass player, guitar player, and drummer. Although the band is new to the scene, they have extensive experience in the music industry, tearing the roof off of every place they invade.

Featuring Rachel Barela, aka Velvet (Drums), Rich Ornelas, aka Reverend Black (Guitar/Vocals), and Kris Johnson, aka Dagmar Jordanson (Bass Guitar/Vocals).

For booking, email Nelson Salenro at 2inthechest@live.com.

Website: www.2inthechest.net

2 IN THE CHEST on Facebook


LATENCY is a groove oriented hard rock band on the verge of metal, with harmonic overtones, easy to digest rhythms, and solos with more feeling than ego, all backed up with a hard driving bass and drum section!

Featuring Rich M. (Vocals), Jeramey Wilson (Guitar/Vocals), Jeremy Dasher (Guitar/Vocals), Chris Cornell (Bass), and Chris Bell (Percussion).

For booking, email Jeramey Wilson at jactforlife@gmail.com.

2 IN THE CHEST on Facebook LATENCY @ Reverbnation

Death Awaits

Starting as an everyday simple garage band in Oct. 2009, DEATH AWAITS has grown with minor line-up changes attempting to perfect a desired powerful heavy metal sound. Influenced by large or local thrash bands, they try to impliment a heavy modern perspective on an older instrumental style of playing metal.

Featuring Gabe Vazquez (Guitar/Vocals), Sal Barragan (Drums and Vocals), Brian Imberi (Bass), and Raziel Gonzalez (Guitar).

Website: www.deathawaits.co

DEATH AWAITS on Facebook


Formed in 2013, Lestra Stone set out to bring back the energy and early roots of classic rock.
Currently working on their EP, the band thrives on heart-pulsing live performances with original music as well as a variety of timeless covers.

Featuring Jeniise (Vocals), Jose "Chuy" Robles (Bass), Jon Belfiore (Drums), and Pete Robles (Guitar).

Website: www.reverbnation.com/lestrastone

LESTRA STONE on Facebook LESTRA STONE @ Reverbnation


A lover of all things guitar, San Francisco-based Jerry Robison performs metal music for its ability to be brutal yet beautiful, menacing yet meaningful, and melodic yet technical, all without sacrificing the almighty “groove”. With the help of drummer Lassiter and producer Jeff Lusby-Breault, Robison finished work on his first solo recording “Para Bellum” in 2013.

Assisted by Lassiter (Drums).

For booking, email Bill Guthrie (Enthral Entertainment) at bill@enthralent.com.

Website: www.jerryrobison.com